Which Cruise Ships have Tennis Courts?

Cruises today offer so many different activities that it can be hard to decide on just one, but many passengers are still left asking which cruise ships have tennis courts available. While many cruise ships famously offer flashy attractions like water slides and go-karts, sometimes you just want to relax with a classic game of tennis. Whether you’re a seasoned tennis player or simply seeking new ways to stay active onboard, let’s find out what cruise ships have in store for you! Keep reading to find out which cruise ships have tennis courts available for you to play tennis on during your cruise!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Tennis Courts

Unfortunately, there are no tennis courts available on any Royal Caribbean Cruise. However, many Royal Caribbean Cruise ships do offer a Sports Complex where you can play other types of sports. While you might not be able to play tennis on your next Royal Caribbean cruise, you may be able to play some basketball or pickleball!

Although not quite the same as a tennis court, you may be able to find table tennis on your next Royal Caribbean Cruise! Table tennis, or Ping-Pong, is a classic cruise ship game that’s a lot easier to play after a long day of cruising!

Princess Cruise Ships with Tennis Courts

Unlike many other cruise lines, tennis courts actually are available on board some Princess Cruise ships! The Princess Sports Center hosted on many Princess Cruise Ships allows for passengers to play games like basketball, volleyball, and tennis! You can also play smaller games like foosball, Ping-Pong, and bean bag toss! Some of the Princess Cruise ships offering tennis courts include the Regal Princess, the Royal Princess, the Sky Princess, the Majestic Princess, the Enchanted Princess, and the Discovery Princess.

To find the tennis court on your next Princess Cruise, just head to the Princess Sports Center and look for the Center Court! You can also find rackets and tennis balls available for use as well. Tennis players will be pleased to learn that tennis courts available on Princess Cruises are full size!

Tennis Courts on Carnival Cruise Ships

While there are many sports available to play on Carnival Cruises, there are no tennis courts available on Carnival Cruise ships. Some sports available on some Carnival Cruise ships include alternatives like basketball, volleyball, and pickleball! These sports can only be found on some Carnival ships, including but not limited to the Carnival Breeze, the Carnival Dream, the Carnival Celebration, and the Carnival Horizon.

Even though you can’t play tennis on your next Carnival Cruise, you can still play table tennis! Ping-Pong, bocce ball, bean bag toss, foosball, and pool soccer are more fun games you might encounter during your Carnival Cruise!

Disney Cruise Ships with Tennis Courts

Like with the other cruise lines mentioned in this article, there are no tennis courts available on any Disney Cruise ship. However, you can still find a variety of different sports and games to play during your Disney Cruise! Head to Goofy’s Sport Complex on your next Disney Cruise for basketball, mini golf, and even virtual simulators! From mini-golf to basketball, Disney Cruises offer a diverse array of fun options to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or interests, has a memorable and enjoyable vacation at sea.


While tennis is a popular sport among many, it seems that tennis courts can be a pretty rare sight on cruise ships. You may be able to find a tennis court on your next cruise if you are sailing with Princess Cruises. If you are sailing with Disney Cruises, Carnival Cruises, or Royal Caribbean Cruises, you most likely will not be able to play tennis on your next cruise (Unless you count table tennis!). While you most likely won’t be playing tennis on your next cruise, there are so many different activities available that you probably won’t even notice! From intense sports like basketball and volleyball to less intense sports like mini-golf and Ping-Pong, there’s no shortage of fun sports to enjoy on your next cruise.

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