Can You Bring Candy on a Cruise?

Cruising can be the perfect opportunity for a sweet treat, but many cruisers are left wondering if you can bring candy on a cruise. No matter your candy of preference, enjoying your favorite candy can be the icing on the cake of any cruise. Each cruise line has different rules regarding bringing food on board with you, with some having specific guidelines and others not allowing outside food at all. Even if you can’t bring candy with you on your next cruise, there are plenty of sweet treats available on many cruise ships. Keep reading to find out if you can bring candy with you on your next cruise!

Can You Bring Candy on a Disney Cruise?

Yes, you are allowed to bring certain types of candy on your next Disney cruise! Candy can only be brought on your Disney cruise if it is sealed in its original factory packaging. This means you can’t bring a Ziploc bag of loose Jolly Ranchers, but you can bring a sealed bag of candy on your Disney cruise! This rule extends to all non-perishable snacks as well.

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t feel like packing candy? If you’re sailing on the Disney Dream, you can stop by Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats Shop for candy as well as baked goods and gelato. You won’t want to miss this Wreck-it-Ralph themed candy store! On the Disney Magic, you can get candy and other sweet treats at Inside Out: Joyful Sweets.

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Candy on Carnival Cruises

You can bring candy on your Carnival cruise as long as you follow a few rules. Any candy that you want to pack for your Carnival cruise must be prepackaged and unopened. So don’t snack on your candy before you get on board! This also means that you are not allowed to pack any homemade candy.

If you don’t want to pack candy for your Carnival cruise, there is certainly no shortage of candy on board some Carnival ships. Cherry on Top offers a huge variety of different candys from peanut butter cups to gummy bears to chocolate-covered strawberries. You can purchase prepackaged candy at Cherry on Top as well as candy by the pound. There is even an ice cream station available on some ships! You can find Cherry on Top on Carnival ships like the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Vista, and Carnival Horizon.

Can You Bring Candy on Royal Caribbean?

You may be allowed to bring candy on your Royal Caribbean cruise. Royal Caribbean allows dry, non-perishables candy to be brought on board. As long as your favorite candy meets these requirements, you may be allowed to bring it with you on Royal Caribbean.

Rather get some candy on board your next cruise? Sugar Beach is the go-to spot to find candy and other sweet treats on some Royal Caribbean ships. You can find Sugar Beach locations on Royal Caribbean ships like the Symphony of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas. There are over 200 different types of candy available at Sugar Beach, so you may find some old favorites or maybe some new favorite candies! Additionally, you can also get other sweet treats like cupcakes, fudge, and more!

Norwegian Cruises

Yes, you are allowed to bring packaged candy on your next Norwegian cruise. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to bring packaged candy, so don’t try bringing a half eaten bag of sweets! As long as you keep your candy sealed in its original packing, you should be able to bring it on board your Norwegian cruise.

Candy is also available for sale on some Norwegian cruise ships. Stop by Coco’s on select Norwegian cruise ships for an in-depth exploration of all things chocolate! You can find Coco’s on the Norwegian Bliss as well as the Norwegian Encore. Enjoy chocolate everything at Coco’s, from bonbons to crepes!


From packing a favorite candy for after dinner or just satisfying a sweet tooth, bringing candy on a cruise can be very worthwhile. You can most likely bring candy with you on your cruise, although each cruise line has specifics rules. If you are sailing with Norwegian Cruises, Disney Cruises, or Carnival Cruises, you are allowed to bring packaged candy with you on your cruise. You are also allowed to bring candy on Royal Caribbean cruises as long as it is dry and unperishable. Candy, cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats are not uncommon on cruise ships either, so don’t worry about missing out on your favorite treats!

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