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Are Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

Heated pools can be an amazing amenity when cruising through chilly weather. Despite the variety of hot tubs offered on every cruise ship, many are left asking where are cruise ship pools heated. Heated pools can offer an unmatched experience when you just want to watch glaciers in Alaska from poolside with a drink. In this article we’ll explore which cruise ships have heated pools, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises, and more.

Are Carnival Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

Unfortunately, there are no Carnival Cruise ships that have heated pools. While there are no Carnival Cruise pools being heated, there are a wide variety of hot tubs spread across each ship. There are a variety of smaller heated pools in the Cloud 9 spas as well to fill the void left by a lack of heated swimming pools on Carnival Cruises.

Just like with many other ships, swimming pool water on Carnival Cruises is collected from the ocean. This means that the temperature of the water in the swimming pools on Carnival Cruise Line ships will be the same temperature as the ocean.

Are Royal Caribbean Pools Heated?

While the majority of Royal Caribbean Cruise swimming pools are not heated, there is one notable exception.

The Independence of the Seas is home to the only heated pools on Royal Caribbean. There are 3 different heated pools on the Independence of the Seas on Deck 11.

If you’re on a different Royal Caribbean ship where pools are not heated, there are still plenty of hot tubs. Some Royal Caribbean ships offer solariums with enclosed indoor pools that serve as a warm alternative to heated pools. Royal Caribbean ships with indoor pools inside glass solariums include the Radiance of the Seas and the Serenade of the Seas.

If heated pools are a must have for your next cruise, Royal Caribbean may not be the best choice.

Are Alaska Cruise Pools Heated?

Alaska cruises are the perfect time to enjoy heated pools. Nothing can beat sitting in a heated pool or hot tub while watching the Alaskan wilderness. Fortunately, there are a few options for heated pools on Alaska cruises.

If you’re looking for cruises to Alaska with pools that are heated, consider the following cruise lines.

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Princess Cruise Lines

No matter what cruise line you choose, Alaska is one of the most beautiful cruise destinations. Depending on the time of year you cruise to Alaska, you may not even need heated pools!

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Are Princess Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

All of the Princess Cruise ship swimming pools are heated. Whether you’re swimming in the indoor pool or the outdoor pool, whether you’re cruising in Alaska or the Caribbean, each and every Princess Cruise pool is heated.

Grand class ships on Princess Cruise Lines offer a retractable glass ceiling over the swimming pools. This ensures that the heated cruise ship pools stay warm. While other cruise lines like Celebrity Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean have indoor swimming pools beneath glass ceilings, Princess Cruise Lines offers the only glass ceiling that can be removed on warm days and put back on chilly days.

Grand class ships on Princess Cruise Lines include:

  • The Caribbean Princess
  • The Crown Princess
  • The Diamond Princess
  • The Emerald Princess
  • The Grand Princess
  • The Ruby Princess
  • The Sapphire Princess

Unlike many other cruise ships, Princess Cruise Pools are entirely freshwater rather than filtered ocean water. Pro-tip: the temperature of Princess Cruise pools can be chilly when the water is changed and the new pool water is heated.

The heated pools on Princess Cruises are great for cruises to Alaska or other cold destinations.

Are Celebrity Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

Swimming pools on Celebrity Cruise Lines are generally not heated. There are loads of heated options in the thermal spas though, including a heated indoor spa pool. Like most other cruise ships, there are also a plethora of hot tubs to be enjoyed on Celebrity Cruise Line ships.

Similar to Royal Caribbean ships and grand class Princess ships, there are also swimming pools enclosed in solariums that maintain a comfortable temperature on some Celebrity Cruise Line ships. While the indoor solarium pools are not heated, indoor pools on Royal Caribbean are usually much warmer than outdoor pools.

The indoor pool in the solarium on Celebrity Cruise Line ships varies in size based on the size of the cruise ship. S-Class ships tend to have a large swimming pool while M-Class ships tend to have smaller indoor swimming pools. There are also options to get food and drinks in the solarium without having to venture very far from the indoor pool.

Are Disney Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

From the Disney Wonder to the Disney Fantasy, Disney Cruise pools are kept heated at a constant temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Heated pools on Disney Cruises are comfortable and relaxing in any kind of weather. Swimming pool temperatures on Disney Cruises may be warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit when cruising in warmer destinations like the Caribbean or Bermuda.

In addition to Disney Cruise pools being heated, there are also hot tubs and spa options across Disney Cruise ships.

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Are Norwegian Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

All of the Norwegian Cruise Line swimming pools are heated to a temperature between 77 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Heated pools and a plethora of hot tubs make Norwegian Cruises an excellent choice for cruising in colder climates like Alaska or Canada. In warmer climates like the Caribbean, pool temperatures on Norwegian Cruises are often the same as ocean temperatures!

In addition to heated swimming pools and hot tubs, there are heated pools in the spas on many Norwegian Cruise ships as well.

The temperature of the pools on Norwegian Cruises are displayed on the T.V in your stateroom. If you’re ever unsure if the pool is not warm enough, just check your T.V for the pool temperatures.

Are Virgin Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

Virgin Cruise Line ships offer slim pickings in terms of pools and do not offer any heated pools. However, Virgin Cruises do have a few unique heated options other than the usual hot tubs. Try out a heated plunge pool in the Scarlet Lady Thermal Suite! Of course there are still plenty of hot tubs across Virgin Cruise ships to choose from.

If heated pools are necessary for your next cruise, perhaps Virgin Cruises is not the best choice for you.


Heated pools can be an incredible luxury when cruising through icy waters in Alaska or Norway, but not every ship has heated pools available. If heated pools are a necessity for your next cruise, consider Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, or Disney Cruise Lines. While not all cruise lines have heated ships, you will almost always be able to find a hot tub on a cruise ship.

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