Pools on Alaska Cruises

Pools on Alaska Cruises

Alaska is known for its natural beauty and for generally being cold, leading many to ask if they can swim in the pools on their next Alaska cruise. Fortunately, swimming pools are open for many Alaska cruises and are very comfortable to swim in. Whether you prefer feeling the icy winds of Alaska while relaxing in a heated pool or you’d rather swim indoors within entirely enclosed indoor pools, there is an option for your next Alaska cruise. Swimming on your next Alaska cruise may depend on when you go, with it being generally warm enough to swim in outdoor pools during the summer. Keep reading to find out more about swimming in the pools on your next Alaska cruise!

Are Pools Open on Alaska Cruises?

Swimming pools are typically open for most Alaska cruises, with many people fully enjoying the pools during warmer days of their cruise. Even on colder days, you can use the pool on your Alaska cruise. There is something deeply satisfying about relaxing in the pool while cruising by glaciers. Even if you don’t think you will want to go swimming on your Alaska cruise, it never hurts to pack a bathing suit just in case!

Keep in mind that the pools on your Alaska cruise may be temporarily closed during choppy water. However, most pools are generally open on most Alaska cruises. Despite what many might think, the temperatures in Alaska during the summer can be perfect for a dip in the pool!

Alaska Cruise Heated Pools

You can find heated pools on many different Alaska cruises. Although many cruise line pools are heated to a comfortable temperature, it may not be noticeably warm. The temperature of heated pools is different for every cruise line. Cruise lines like Disney and Norwegian keep swimming pools constantly heated in all locations, not just in Alaska.

While many pools are heated on cruise ships, the air temperature may be a bit chilly. Make sure to keep a towel nearby if you go swimming on your Alaska cruise! Even though the pools are heated on many Alaska cruises, the pools are often not very busy. The combination of heated pools and room to actually swim can make for a very pleasant experience.

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For the more adventurous cruisers, you may even be able to find fully functional waterslides on your next Alaska cruise! Some ships like the Norwegian Bliss offer thrilling waterslides that you can ride on your Alaska cruise. Additionally, many Carnival cruise ships offer entire waterparks on board.

Not many people can say that they’ve ridden a waterslide next to glaciers! You may not find many people riding the waterslide on your next Alaska cruise, so you may be able to ride many times without waiting in long lines. Keep in mind that while enclosed slides might use heated water, open-air waterslides can be much chillier!

Hot Tubs on Alaska Cruises

There is generally no shortage of available hot tubs ready-to-go on Alaska cruises. The contrast between the hot water and the brisk air of Alaska can amazingly relaxing. Although you might be running inside for warmth once you get out of the hot tub! Many cruise ships have an abundance of hot tubs scattered throughout the ship. If you can’t find a hot tub on your cruise, you’re not looking hard enough!

You may find that the hot tubs are more popular than the pools on your next Alaska cruise. Some hot tubs can be less popular than other hot tubs, so you can often find an unpopulated hot tub somewhere on board. The popularity of hot tubs on Alaska cruise is for good reason, nothing quite compares to cruising through Glacier Bay in a hot tub.

Alaska Cruise Ships with Indoor Pools

If you prefer a climate controlled atmosphere while you swim rather than the chilly winds of Alaska, there are indoor pools on some Alaska cruises. Royal Caribbean ships sailing Alaska like the Quantum of the Seas and the Radiance of the Seas feature entirely enclosed swimming pools within the solarium, and ships like the Ovation of the Seas even have 2 indoor swimming pools! You can also find indoor pools on almost every Holland America cruise ship. Some cruise ships even have retractable roofs over the pools, turning an outdoor pool into an indoor pool! Cruise ships like the Norwegian Bliss have private indoor pools located within members-only areas like the Haven.


Cruising Alaska can lead to lifelong memories, and going swimming in one of the coldest states can surely make for a memorable moment. There are swimming pools available for everyone on Alaska cruises, no matter your tolerance for cold temperatures. Whether you enjoy the contrast between the warm pool and the cold air or you prefer a warm indoor climate to go with your swim, there is a perfect option for your next Alaska cruise. From indoor pools to hot tubs to heated pools, swimming on an Alaska cruise can be fun and comfortable. What’s your favorite type of pool on an Alaska cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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