Are Disney Resort Pools Heated?

Are Disney Resort Pools Heated?

If you’re visiting Disney World in winter months like December or January, you might be curious if the pools at your Disney Resort will be heated. No matter what resort you’re staying at, the answer to your question is yes! Every single pool at every single Disney World Resort is heated. From Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Polynesian, from Art of Animation to the Beach Club, rest assured that the pools at your Disney Resort are heated. Keep reading to find out more about heated pools at Disney Resorts.

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How Warm are Disney Resort Heated Pools?

Heated Nanea Volcano Pool at the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World
Nanea Volcano Pool at the Polynesian Resort, heated to 82 degrees.

All pools at Walt Disney World Resorts are heated to a comfortable 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While not as noticeable when visiting in the summer, these heated pools at Disney Resorts make for a very pleasant experience during chilly winter days. Although the Disney pools are heated to an enjoyable 82 degrees, you may not want to get out of the water when the air temperature is closer to 60 degrees! Thankfully it usually doesn’t get very chilly in Orlando, even during winter months like January.

Are Disney Resort Pools Open Year Round?

Heated Disney Pool at the Beach Club Resort
Pool at the Beach Club Resort, open year round.

Yes! Every pool at Walt Disney World Resorts is open year round. From Stormalong Bay in the Beach Club and Yacht Club to the Samawati Springs Pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can swim in the pool at your Disney Resort no matter what time of year you visit. Even if you visit during the winter in months like January or February, heated pools and warm Florida temperatures make swimming at Disney Resort pools a comfortable experience year round.

Hot Tubs at Disney World Resorts

If the pools heated to 82 degrees aren’t warm enough for you, there are also a variety of hot tubs at many Disney World Resorts. Although technically all hot tubs are referred to as spas at Disney World. All Disney World Resorts except for Value Resorts offer hot tubs, or spas. Some of our favorite resorts for hot tubs include the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Coronado Springs. Hot tubs at Disney Resorts are heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Heated Pool at the Grand Floridian Disney World Resort
Pool at the Grand Floridian.

No matter what Disney World Resort you are visiting, every single pool at Disney Resorts is heated to 82 degrees and is open year round. While the temperature of the pool won’t be a problem, the temperature of the air might be a bit chilly when you get out if you’re visiting in the winter months. Disney Resort heated pools provide a comfortable swimming experience for any time of the year, whether you’re visiting in July or January. In addition to Disney Resort heated pools, there are also a variety of different hot tubs, or spas, to enjoy across many of the Disney World Resorts. As a bonus, the pools often are a lot less crowded in the winter than in the summer!

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